CC1 Foods

Road #185 Km 0.8, Industrial Park
Canóvanas, PR 00729-1661


We want to be the leading company in the food industry to meet the expectations of quality, cost and service in the market.

Focusing on the well-being of our consumers we strive to manufacture and distribute high-quality products that meet the needs of the family with friendly manufacturing practices in a continuous improvement environment.

Our 3 Major Brands:
Kikuet Foods
- Kikuet frozen foods and entremeses are elaborated that include templates, empanadillas, pastelillos, sorullos, arepas, tacos, pies and alcapurrias among other great variety

Carmela Foods
- From here, the entire Carmela product elaboration process is generated, including mixing, inking, baking, packaging, thermal processing, packaging and storage

Puerto Rico RIce LLC
- Puerto Rican company dedicated to the distribution of Arroces composed by high quality brands elaborated for the Puerto Rican market

Vendor Showcase

Empadillas - Handmade Frozen Appetizers

Empadillas - Handmade Frozen Appetizers

Kikuet creates frozen meals and appetizers are elaborated that include turnovers, pastelillos, salsas, arepas, tacos, pies and alcapurrias among other great variety of foods destined to comply with the Taste of the Puerto Rican palate. Download the Product Catalog now! read more