The Kennedy Group, a family owned and operated business since 1974, is a leader in providing market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify and track their products.

Two of our latest products are ChatterAds® and PureVue®. ChatterAds® is a powerful, unique marketing platform. It is a removable, portable message delivery system which secures to the plastic bags that are in the hands of consumers every day. It is a product that puts messages right where they need to be -- in the hands of consumers.

PureVue® labels allow consumer packaged goods companies to enhance sustainability efforts without sacrificing brand recognition and shelf appeal. Developed to improve the recyclability of PET containers, PureVue® labels combine Kennedy’s ink, coating and converting expertise with Avery Dennison’s CleanFlake™ adhesive technology. The PureVue® Portfolio conforms to the APR Design™ Guide for Plastics Recyclability, which means the inks do not stain the wash water and the labels cleanly separate from the PET flake, resulting in pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and less landfill waste.