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The leader in oil separation innovation, Temprite specializes in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators, oil reservoirs, liquid receivers and refrigerant oil management products for all refrigerants including ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons (HCs).

Every Temprite product is engineered and manufactured to enhance total thermal efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and providing the highest possible return on investment. Temprite products are the solution to rising energy costs, longer system life and reduced carbon emissions. Each component is designed to make refrigeration systems clean and green.

“Our goal for every product is improved refrigeration thermal efficiency,” says Temprite President, Tom Schmidt. “Temprite oil separators do that by minimizing oil and dirt in the system’s condenser and evaporator. Temprite separators are engineered to remove oil from the system and return it to the compressor. That means shorter compressor run times, reduced energy consumption and the highest possible return on investment. Our products help our customers minimize energy costs, prolong system life and reduce carbon emissions.”

• Temprite developed the 130 Series of coalescent oil separators to meet the increasing demand for CO2 products that deliver high efficiency, significant energy savings, and the potential for smart utilization of waste heat in the transcritical CO2 environment. 130 Series separators have a MWP of 140 bar (2030 PSI)* and the most efficient oil-refrigerant filtering and separation technology available, with a 98.5%+ separation efficiency rating across the widest range of mass flows.
* See Temprite Series 130 at for details.

• The 920 & 920R Series of coalescent oil separators are compatible with ammonia (NH3) refrigerant systems. Because ammonia is a cleaning agent, more dirt is removed from the system and deposited in the filter. 920R separators offer easy accessibility to the Temprite Standard Filter for changes.

The 920R Series delivers the highest measured capacity of refrigeration and the lowest kilowatts required per unit of cooling (per ton). 920R separators perform with equal efficiency in all types of systems: in ultra-low temperature applications; even or uneven multiplex systems, dual suction systems, low, medium and A/C; and during refrigeration load shifting/matching

Temprite’s Commitment to Customers

Temprite will provide the highest quality refrigeration component products available, as well as the best operational specifications available, worldwide.

Product Certifications

Since December 2001, all products conform to the European Pressure Directive (PED). As customer refrigeration systems can vary greatly, each Temprite product is tested both on in-house test beds and in the field, using a variety of parameters. Every time there’s a new standard to meet, Temprite products help customers meet it. Temprite products carry one or more of the following certifications: UL, ULC, CE, CRN ASME, KHK.*
*Contact Temprite for specific product certification details.

International Distribution

The Temprite plant is located in West Chicago, Illinois, USA, with distribution facilities in Tokyo, Japan; Glasgow, UK; Stuttgart, Germany; Ankara, Turkey; Bangalore, India; and Sydney, Australia. Temprite has worldwide distribution through wholesalers and direct sales to original equipment manufacturers, retailers and medical organizations, and through strategic partners in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Turkey, India and Australia.

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For Every Refrigerant & Application

For Every Refrigerant & Application

Temprite specializes in innovative, energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators and refrigerant oil management products, including oil level controls and oil reservoirs.

Temprite’s 920 and 920R Series coalescent oil separators are ammonia-compatible and designed to make refrigeration systems clean and green.

Save on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The 130 Series offers a range of CO2 compatible products including filter/drier shells and oil reservoirs and are especially efficient for large systems.

All 130 products are engineered for transcritical applications up to 140 bar (2030 PSI).
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