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Business Director, Protein and Grains

Contact: Ann Rolow

Business Director, New Markets

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Kemin covers all aspects of shelf-life. Our ability to understand a variety of food and beverage matrices as well as how different processing techniques and packaging can impact consumer appeal and shelf-life, makes us a valued partner in the industry.

Kemin delivers the solutions for your color, flavor and microbial challenges. We know when a simple ingredient formula is the proper solution and gives you a cost-effective advantage over non-use. We also know when a unique blend may provide an additional boost - and pay for itself.

Our Research and Development team uses formulation technology to determine the optimal and most cost-efficient inclusion rate in each matrix and our Customer Laboratory Services team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing, using a combination of analytical techniques and accelerated oxidation tests to provide customized shelf-life solutions, taking flavor, color and taste into account.

Trust Kemin to deliver the difference you need for your products to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace.

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Keeping foods fresh and safe, longer.

Keeping foods fresh and safe, longer.

Kemin is committed to providing the food and beverage industry with only the highest quality, efficacious ingredients to help extend product shelf-life. Our extensive knowledge of oxidation processes and understanding of food products on a molecular level have made Kemin a leading choice for much needed preservation and food safety. read more